The Red Velvet

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ahhhh...Red Velvet. Classy, sexy, popular and delicious.
Red Velvet Milk Chocolate cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting garnished with candy hearts and chocolate sprinkles.
I have also made these for my aunts 60th birthday in which I frosted them with red frosting and added purple hats to the top. (For the "Red Hat Club")
The top Red Velvet I made for my heart sister. I added another smaller heart shaped cake on top of the creamy milk chocolate frosting. I can make them several different ways..we just need to discuss what you are using them for.
Red Velvet really is The Sweetest Thing.


The Raspberry...

The Raspberry...


Mouth watering raspberry cake with vanilla raspberry frosting. These are filled with raspberry filling and garnished with chocolate chards and one perfect raspberry. These are delectable. They are light and filled with scrumptious fruit. I can make them with any berry flavor. If you want it, I will make it.

These are "The Sweetest Thing's"

But not "too" sweet. (Is there such a thing?)

These are great for a Thank You gift...don't you have someone to thank?


The Cookie

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me....
White cookie cake with vanilla cookie frosting- just enough- garnished with a chocolate creme filled cookie. Deelish!
I'm thinking you should order these for game night, or family night. After all, cookies and creme goes with anything!
Oh yeah, they are that good.


The Pumpkin...

The pumpkin spice...AND the pumpkin chocolate chip.

The Pumpkin Spice is a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, garnished with a dash of cinnamon and mini chocolate chips.

The Pumpkin Chocolate Chip is a pumpkin chocolate chip cake with cream cheese pumpkin frosting and garnished with a dash of cinnamon and mini chocolate chips.

I must give my Grandma Ella the credit for these. She always made us pumpkin chocolate ship cookies when we were kids, and I still crave them when the first smell of Fall is in the air.

These are great for brunch, as well as dessert.
Aren't they just The SwEEteSt ThINg?


The Princess

Princess cupcakes! Complete with milk chocolate cake and PiNk frosting and a pink or white tiara. I also added "jewels" to the tiara's to make them extra special.
These are cheaper by the dozen!
What are you doing for your daughters birthday party? Or your girlfriends?
Or your moms?
Mmmmmmm...aren't they just "The Sweetest Thing"?


Happy Birthday Sweetest Thing!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 we go.....
I am sure that some of you are tired of looking at my personal blog that I originally started for my son and his health issues, and seeing all the treats I have been making. But the joke is on you, because........I haven't posted all the treats I have made! So there. I'm just kidding. But I do love to make cute treats, and there are so many creative and fun things to make out there, its almost impossible to make them all!

Oh yeah....but I'm gonna try.....Muuuuwaaa waaa haa haa.
So here we go...I promise the photography will get better soon. I only took these pictures for my personal use, but now- I am going to share them with you.

If you would like to order any of them, you can always e mail me! I will be getting a new e mail address just for this site and I will add it soon.

Enjoy! And don't feel guilty because everything on this blog is fat free....really.
It only has calories in it if I actually make it for you and you consume it, and then it wont matter because they are so delicious and delectable, you will be glad you experienced them.

I cannot remember why I made these thank you gifts....hmmm? Good thing I gave them to whomever I was thanking! I'm sure Lori received some of them and I may have eaten the rest. The sugar cookie french fries were sooooo delectable. The brownie, cupcake hamburgers were a little "TOO" sweet, yes, there is such a thing. I will change the recipe and make them better soon. And by the way, the french fry bags can say anything you would like them to say. And the little trays can be whatever color you wish. POOF!

This week I am very excited to make some Princess "Jessica" Cakes for her 8th birthday. I already have the tiara's made and will be assembling them on Friday.

Thanks for visiting "The Sweetest Thing" blog, sign up to be a follower! (Leaders are overrated.)


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