Start here....

What flavors would you like?
Choose a flavor of cake, and a flavor of frosting.

What type of event are you having?
Is it a classy event? Children's event? Holiday?

Do you have a color scheme in mind?
Would you like the frosting a certain color, to match the event?

What type of treat were you thinking?
Krispie Treat? Cupcake? Mini cupcake? Cake Pops?

How many will you need?
Sometimes I will make mini cupcakes and cupcakes for families that have many children.

What day would you like this order?
What day and time and where would you like this order?

After you have these answers, please copy and paste these questions with your answers and questions and send them to me by e mail, or call me. I am happy to discuss the final order and will e mail you the final request just so we make sure we are on the same ;)


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